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Classes for Goods

Trademark Class 1

Chemical products and preparations, salts used for industrial purposes, soldering and tempering preparations, adhesives, fire extinguishing components, detergents, compositions used for food and beverages and unprocessed plastics

Trademark Class 2

Paints and Varnishes, Thinners and thickeners for coatings, Raw natural resins, Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks, Metal in foil and powder form.

Trademark Class 3

Cosmetics and Cleaning Substances, Toiletries, Oral hygiene preparations, Body cleaning and beauty care preparations, Make-up and Skincare preparations.

Trademark Class 4

Industrial Oils and Lubricants, Fuels and illuminates, Candles and wicks for lighting, wood, electrical energy, Non- chemical fuel additives, Dust controlling compositions

Trademark Class 5

Pharmaceuticals, Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations, Disinfectants and antiseptics, Deodorizers and air purifiers, pest control preparations and articles.

Trademark Class 6

Common Metal, Armour plating, Pipes, tubes and hoses, and fittings therefor, including valves, welding and soldering materials. 

Trademark Class 7

Machines, Construction equipment, Generators of electricity, Conveyors and conveyors belts, Textile and leather sewing equipment.

Trademark Class 8

Hand Tools and implements, Cutlery, Hair styling appliances, Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance

Trademark Class 9

Computers, Software, Electronic instruments & Scientific appliances

Trademark Class 10

Medical, Dental Instruments and Apparatus

Trademark Class 11

Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Trademark Class 12

Vehicles and conveyances, Parts and fittings for vehicles, Anti-theft, security and safety devices and equipment for vehicles, Powertrains, including engines and motors, for land vehicles

Trademark Class 13

Explosive substances and devices; other than arms, Weapons and ammunition

Trademark Class 14

Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations, jewellery, Other articles of precious metals and precious stones, and imitations.

Trademark Class 15

Musical Instruments and supplies, Musical accessories.

Trademark Class 16

Paper, Items made of Paper, Stationary items.

Trademark Class 17

Rubber, Asbestos, Plastic Items, Flexible pipes, tubes, hoses, and fittings therefor, including valves, Seals, sealants and fillers, Waterproofing and moisture proofing articles.

Trademark Class 18

Leather and Substitute Goods

Trademark Class 19

Construction Materials (building – non-metallic)

Trademark Class 20

Furniture, Mirrors

Trademark Class 21

Crockery, Containers, Utensils, Brushes, Cleaning Implements, Tableware, cookware and containers

Trademark Class 22

Cordage, Ropes, Nets, Awnings, Sacks, Padding, nets, tents.

Trademark Class 23

Yarns, Threads

Trademark Class 24

Fabrics, Blankets, Covers, Textiles

Trademark Class 25

Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

Trademark Class 26

Sewing Notions, Fancy Goods, Lace and Embroidery, Artificial fruit, flowers and vegetables.

Trademark Class 27

Carpets, Linoleum, Wall and Floor Coverings (not textile), Artificial ground coverings

Trademark Class 28

Games, Toys, Sports Equipment, Festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees

Trademark Class 29

Foods: Dairy, Meat, Fish, Processed & Preserved Foods

Trademark Class 30

Foods: Spices, Bakery Goods, Ice, Confectionery, Convenience food and savoury snacks

Trademark Class 31

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Live Animals, Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products, maize, Algae, Malts and unprocessed cereals.

Trademark Class 32

Beer, Ales, Soft Drinks, Carbonated Waters, non-dairy milk, Juices.

Trademark Class 33

Preparations for making alcoholic beverages, Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs

Trademark Class 34

Tobacco, Smokers Requisites & Matches

Classes for Services

Trademark Class 35

Advertising, Business Consulting, marketing and promotional consultancy, advisory and assistance services, Commercial trading and consumer information services, Business assistance, management and administrative services

Trademark Class 36

Insurance, Financial, Currency trading and exchange services, Loan and credit, and lease-finance services, Valuation services

Trademark Class 37

Construction, Repair, Cleaning , Mining, and oil and gas extraction, Installation, cleaning, repair and maintenance, Glazing, installation, maintenance and repair of glass, windows and blinds, Extermination, disinfection and pest control

Trademark Class 38

Communications Services, Broadcasting services, Computer communication and Internet access, Access to content, websites and portals

Trademark Class 39

Transport, Utilities, Mail delivery and courier services, Freight and cargo transportation and removal services, car transport, Storage & Warehousing

Trademark Class 40

Materials Treatment, Energy production, Textile, leather and fur treatment, Recycling and waste treatment, Duplication of audio and video recordings, Air and water conditioning and purification

Trademark Class 41

Education, Amusement, Entertainment, Gambling, Translation and interpretation

Trademark Class 42

Scientific and technological services, IT services, Data duplication and conversion services, data coding services and research and design relating thereto

Trademark Class 43

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodations, Hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation, Rental of furniture, linens and table settings

Trademark Class 44

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals, Body art, Landscape design, Agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry services

Trademark Class 45

Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals, Astrological and spiritual services, Dating services, Legal services

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