Udyog Aadhaar (MSME) Registration

Business owners that register as MSMEs stand to benefit from a number of benefits. More doors are being opened for businesses registered under MSME Registration.

As Per Govt Fee

How to get Udyog Aadhar Certification

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We gather all required data.


As required, gather the additional documentation.


You were issued and given a certificate of MSME registration.

Overview of MSME Registration

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, more often known as MSME, is the main government organisation in charge of creating and enforcing the rules, regulations, and standards that are relevant to India’s small-scale industries. The MSME officially took effect on October 2, 2006. It aims to support, encourage, and boost the MSMEs that are active across India’s economic competitiveness.

The Indian economy is thought to be built on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, or MSME. The MSME sector is made up of a tremendous number of small-scale businesses, making it one of India’s largest GDP contributors. Small-scale enterprises that operate in both the organised and unorganised sectors are encouraged to grow through an initiative known as MSME, which is backed by the government.

Documents Required to Register a Patent

Applicant’s Aadhaar card

Applicant’s PAN

Company PAN (not applicable in case of a proprietorship firm)

Benefits to Register a Patent

Cheaper Loan

Holders of an MSME registration have access to loans at lower interest rates, starting at 1.5 percent.

Tax Benifits

ensures direct tax exemptions through a variety of tax-saving strategies.


The availability of any discounts and concessions, for instance a fee reduction for ISO certification, is guaranteed by MSME registration.


Holding an MSME registration is eligible for discounts on patent registration. There is also a discount on electric bills.


MSMEs can benefit from the government's security deposit waiver while participating in e-tenders.


MSME registration holders can access the government's e-marketplace and e-tenders through the Udyam Registration Portal.

MSME Registration FAQ's

The business must meet the government-set investment or turnover requirements in order to qualify for MSME registration. You can be a one-person company, an LLP, a Hindu joint family, etc. It makes no difference what type of organisation you are.

Registration with the MSME is not necessary. However, signing up is advised because doing so gives you several benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

The MSME certificates are still valid as long as the businesses remain running. However, a provisional certificate is only good for five years if you receive one.

All financial institutions, including the big banks, have created unique programmes specifically for MSMEs and SSIs. MSMEs and SSIs are designated for priority sector lending and are eligible for loans from certain banks with lower interest rates.

You must reapply for temporary registration if you haven’t started your firm within five years of receiving it. On the other hand, you can seek permanent registration if you start your firm within those five years.

Yes, registering an MSME requires having an Aadhaar card.

Your MSME certificate will arrive in 3–7 days. For the timeline, see above.

Yes, the procedure is entirely online. You will be given a dashboard where you can easily complete all of your tasks.

They are all the same: Udyog Aadhar, SSI, and MSME registration. They are now always referred to as udyam registration.

The answer is that Udyog Aadhaar can be edited. Through the Udyam website, you can achieve this.

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